Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Been absent from the blog for awhile and not as much got done on the trailer as I would have liked. In July of 2013 my family's business relocated into some new digs. This new location has kept us all very busy which is a real good thing! But, left my poor trailer neglected. And, you know how it is when you walk away from a project! Trying to get started again proves to be quite a challenge!

I did get done what I need to get done before winter which was putting in a new floor. Well, half of a new floor. Then it was time to wrap her up!

I just opened her up last weekend to take a peek at where I left off and this weekend devised my plan of attack. This plan of attack includes taking her on the road as a mobile Retail Boutique, besides a family beach house on wheels. Got the fictitious business name stuff already done now just waiting for a proper launch date. So, stay tuned!

I also created a Facebook page dedicated to the rebuild as well (the voices in my head told me too because I obviously don't have enough irons in the fire). So, if you're in the neighborhood, go check out my page! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rehab Continues

Oh yeah. There's water damaged. Totally not surprised. Just gotta wrap my head around how to rebuild. That's been my biggest problem. I get too much into my head that I become blinded by the easy fix sometimes. I may never have restored a trailer, but I have tackled my share of projects. This is just a bigger project & a more complicated puzzle.

First Day of Rehab

There wasn't enough Pine Sol or Febreeze to get rid of that funk that permeated the trailer! And, I nearly burned up the motor on not one but two shop vacs! But, at least she was clean enough to start the strike!

                                         This little guy apparently couldn't stand the smell either!

Before...OMG! What HAVE I Done???

I have nothing to say except that the smartest thing I did was to have pest control come out & spray the trailer inside and out before I even started cleaning. Score one for me!

Home at Last

At home in our driveway. Let's see how many neighbors we can piss off! Bring it on!!!

                                   Lila's on patrol for anything that might scamper out of the trailer.