Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rehab Continues

Oh yeah. There's water damaged. Totally not surprised. Just gotta wrap my head around how to rebuild. That's been my biggest problem. I get too much into my head that I become blinded by the easy fix sometimes. I may never have restored a trailer, but I have tackled my share of projects. This is just a bigger project & a more complicated puzzle.

First Day of Rehab

There wasn't enough Pine Sol or Febreeze to get rid of that funk that permeated the trailer! And, I nearly burned up the motor on not one but two shop vacs! But, at least she was clean enough to start the strike!

                                         This little guy apparently couldn't stand the smell either!

Before...OMG! What HAVE I Done???

I have nothing to say except that the smartest thing I did was to have pest control come out & spray the trailer inside and out before I even started cleaning. Score one for me!

Home at Last

At home in our driveway. Let's see how many neighbors we can piss off! Bring it on!!!

                                   Lila's on patrol for anything that might scamper out of the trailer.