Sunday, June 23, 2013

What Have I Done?!

First things first, this blog is dedicated to my friend Keith. This was his idea and since he wasn't going to run the blog for me, I'm about nearly two months behind since I purchased my first Vintage Travel Trailer. So please bear with me, I'm new to this blogging thing!

Dear Keith also thought I should video tape my adventure but, considering I've got quite the potty mouth, I thought it best not. If you hung out with me today while I was tearing out a closet in the trailer, you would agree. In fact, hubby pointed out to me today that just because my trailer has anchors in it does not mean I should talk like a sailor. I politely told him to shut the ____ up. (Insert your favorite four letter word.)

Enough about that. On with the show! Enjoy!!!

After a decade of wanting a vintage trailer of my own, searching off and on, mostly getting beat to the really good deals, I was finally the one who beat someone else! Here she is! A 1954 Lakewood...

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