Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Been absent from the blog for awhile and not as much got done on the trailer as I would have liked. In July of 2013 my family's business relocated into some new digs. This new location has kept us all very busy which is a real good thing! But, left my poor trailer neglected. And, you know how it is when you walk away from a project! Trying to get started again proves to be quite a challenge!

I did get done what I need to get done before winter which was putting in a new floor. Well, half of a new floor. Then it was time to wrap her up!

I just opened her up last weekend to take a peek at where I left off and this weekend devised my plan of attack. This plan of attack includes taking her on the road as a mobile Retail Boutique, besides a family beach house on wheels. Got the fictitious business name stuff already done now just waiting for a proper launch date. So, stay tuned!

I also created a Facebook page dedicated to the rebuild as well (the voices in my head told me too because I obviously don't have enough irons in the fire). So, if you're in the neighborhood, go check out my page! 

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